Welcome to the web site that we use to record our sailing travels.

We have used this site for our past trips to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and our 2010-2015 Circumnavigation. We take pictures, keep logs, and post most anything that we find to be of interest. 

As of August 12, 2020 we are now residents of Maine, having moved from Newburyport, MA  to Stonington, Maine. Shango's shipping from England to Baltimore was uneventful and she now has a mooring in Burnt Cove at the end of our road. We are fully engaged in the process of moving into our new home. For the immediate future our cruising plans are quite happily limited to Penobscot Bay.

Logs of our recent travels accompanied by a Google Earth location using Keelscape can be found  Here. 

Bahamas /Bermuda/Azores/UK   2019  Bahamas/Jamaica/South America 2017-2018 

 Nova Scotia 2017


Circumnavigation  Caribbean 2009-10 Britain Scotland Trip 2008


DR/Bahamas Trip 2007 Bahamas 2001-02