Bahamas, Bermuda, the Azores, and the United Kingdom      February - September 2019





A great 2 week sail with Tracen J (Charlie and Karen Singstead)

Tracen J with us on our way from Conception to Long Island



Amy at Buenavista Cay in the Jumentos

All that is left of a small airplane wreck



Sunset at Flamingo Cay

Several fishermen traded us some lobster tails for books and GRIBS





A little exploring

A little relaxing



Motoring back to Georgetown

The Island Regatta





Completed our clearance in St. George's

Old church ruins at the head of the harbor



Looking at the America's Cup Exhibit with Kite (Jack and Zdenka Griswold)

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Racing



Lunch with Newburyport friends Jon and Andrea Bursaw

Off to the Azores


Azores Passage and Visit



Blue skies and fair wind for 13 days

Jon took my usual quarter berth spot so I had the salon



As always on passage much reading

and eating



Our first Azores landfall, Flores

Bold and rocky shores



We chose to anchor behind the breakwater, outside the small and crowded marina

Anchor down. Time for some champagne.






The forecast didn't allow a trip to nearby Corvu

We did an overnight to Faial instead



We weren't the only boat arriving or leaving Horta, Faial

Jon readying our courtesy flag



The famous custom of painting your boat's name

Shango in Horta



Amy and her finished product

A few others



Fellow cruiser Phil Richmond doing his painting

Street tiling as used in mother Portugal



The lighthouse at Capelhinos Point covered by volcanic ash

The Capelhinos crater



The lighthouse stairway

A very impressive museum and restaurant built under the site



The entire point covered in ash

Faial view. Typical of most of the Azorean islands



Pick your own fish at many of the restaurants

We did OK





Next stop Pico. Our view as seen from the dock rafted 3 boats deep.

Pico vineyards. Grapes planted in stone plots for temperature control.



Hydrangas were in bloom for us

Sailing past Sao Jorge on the way to our last island, Terceira.



Shango at anchor in Agra, Terceira

Agra was in the middle of its summer festival. Bull running and parades



Every day a different area of town had a bull running. This one at the harbor.

We liked the parades more than watching the running of the bulls 








Another Azorean favorite, blood sausage

More wonderful seafood



Terceira was a beautiful place to wait for our window to England




The Coast Guard Eagle on July 4th

Shango also decked out for the day



We left for England on an overcast day

but had a very pleasant 9 day passage







Our England landfall, Falmouth. Jo and John on Donna Capel passed on all their local

Amy's family's childhood sailboat, a Gemini catamaran

knowledge for our cruise along the coast and up to London