Pacific Crossing 2010-11

May Pictures





Amigo and Shango rented this 4 wheel drive for a road trip of Nuku Hiva










A pig sty with a view to die for










This guy was our favorite











Taipivai is the site of Herman Melville's Typee












The ridge and waterfall that Melville and Toby crossed







Nuku Hiva Roadside Flora











































Nuku Hiva Ceremonial Archaeological Site




















                                                                                      People awaiting to be sacrificed were placed into this holding pit              

















This huge Banyan tree is within the site







Nuku Hiva Fauna






















Our luncheon stop at Hatiheu










Rene, Helga, Amy at Chez Yvonne's







A very diverse landscape. Harbors, mountains, and interior plains





































Our last day in Taiohae Bay and ready access to supplies/services/internet probably until Tahiti in 6-8 weeks











Entrance to Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva,  site of an early Survivor's episode










This was probably Team 1's beach










and Team 2's beach....we chose it for it's better light.









Off to the waterfall










seemed a little out of place












Our first glimpse of the waterfall










first of four river crossings











The cruising guide said that Vaipo falls is the third highest waterfall in the world....not sure??












here we go again










Serge and Rene look interested











You have to swim/duck under the boulder at the base to get to the waterfall












The sound and force of the water was amazing











Everyone was exhilarated after the drenching












The next day lunch at Monette's with Quicksilver and Spirare










Arriving at our last Marquesan island, Ua Pou. Famous for its seven magnificent basaltic spires










Next morning. Beautiful light










We hiked to Manfred's farm for veggies






Manfred's Farm
















    Holding the ladder for Manfred's wife Therese to pick avocados for us     
















Pretty flower on our walk back to boat











Our last Marquesan waterfall was the best for swimming













On the way back from the waterfall, Ivonne invited us for lunch.











A mixture of coconut and flowers was her amazingly effective bug repellant










Shango viewed from her kitchen











Not a bad view for dish duty










Our first lettuce (Bok Choy actually) since Panama










20 cats and 2 dogs










Ivonne and her son, Holler. Amy with her new hat










Holler took us fishing a couple days later. At lunch we showed him
the write up about his island in the cruising guide.










All stocked up with fruits/veggies for our trip to the Tuamotus










We even got some Macadamia nuts









Our last Marquesan anchorage at Ua Pou










Off to the Tuamotus. Good to be sailing again. Easy passage. Fair winds good weather.











When we arrived in Raroia, Fiu came out to trade with us.










Necklace for Amy. Rum and sunglasses for Fiu










Our first anchorage at Raroia. This spot on the eastern reef is where the Kon Tiki washed ashore.  











Kon Tiki Memorial.











Fiu must have been part of the plaque's building










Shango and Amigo. Looking from the reef back toward town 6 miles across the atoll.










A little reef combing










It's a big reef at low tide. Looking east.










Looking south












Black tip sharks strolling reef for lunch






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