Pacific Crossing 2010-11

June Pictures






Diving is to the Tuamotus as hiking and waterfalls were to the Marquesas






The Tuamotus From Below















































































































































Makemo was our next stop. Another beautiful reef creating a 35 mile by 8 mile lagoon.










Our Makemo anchorage in the SE corner of the lagoon










Shango's obligatory South Pacific mugshot.










Quicksilver joining us at our Makemo anchorage










A few days later a SE front came through. Two other boats joined Shango, Spirare, and Quicksilver to share the excellent protection. 











A couple of  local guys came by to chat and gave us a gift appetizer....












A great 25 mile sail across the Makemo lagoon with an occasional high alert for coral heads










And then there were four. Yaringa from Australia joined Shango, Spirare, and Quicksilver on Makemo's NE reef










We hadn't seen such a nice sand beach since Panama. Going on 2 weeks of gunkholing at Makemo.











We all went ashore for a potluck at a nicely built picnic area 











Dead calm at our next atoll, Tahanea











Good pass diving at Tahanea had attracted 11 boats.
The pass dives were so spectacular that we didn't mind the crowds.






All the anchored boats attracted sharks of all sizes
















After 3 days of pass diving we went across the lagoon for some solitude










Safely anchored next to the pass at our next atoll, Fakarava










South Fakarava is now almost deserted but it once was the capital of the Tuamotus










Shango, Spirare and Zeecada visiting the 1874 church in South Fakarava










Joanne and Amy discussing something important at the old cemetery next to the church










To be put behind your ear










South Fakarava is a great get away for a diving vacation











Serge and I hoped we could get a beer but no was Sunday











Waterside dining











great view of the pass











we got back to our anchorage just before the rains arrived










A dock. Civilization. Shango, Spirare, and Zeecada  in North Fakarava.










500 people and typically excellent French roads and infrastructure.







North Fakarava Flora and Fauna






dead fauna...shark tails, backed up by a breadfruit tree










The reason we came...provisions and beer.










Yellow catamaran belonging to famous French folk singer from the sixties, Antoine. Big deal for Zeecada--would be our Bob Dylan..










Very tranquil entrance to our last atoll, Toau










Valentine and Gaston's establishment. Buy dinner get a mooring.










Pork, Lobster, Poisson Cru










A good time had by all






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