Pacific Cruise 2010-11

January Pictures







Back in Cartagena assessing a jammed sheave/halyard before leaving for Panama











Fortunately a hammer and a screw driver freed the jammed haylard. Wished Mike Pilkington
had been around. 











Small world owners of John Douglass's.. (Newburyport/Merri-Mar/AYC).. Aventura.
Aventura, now Galivant, wished us well on our way to the San Blas. 










Aridup, our first anchorage in the San Blas after our passage from Cartagena. ROLLY. 










Our first view of a Kuna ulu










Stretching our legs











 Aridup resident











Looking toward the Panama mainland from Aridup










Shango and neighbor, Crazy Daisy, behind Aridup











The Panama mainland










Snug Harbor....sounded less rolly











It was...











Aureliano, friendly Kuna fisherman/vendor











A little under canvased











Snug Harbor sunset










Aureliano hard at work











Amy hard at work too










The nearby Kuna village of Playon Chico











Shango behind Mamaraga at Snug Harbor











Our next stop, the island of  El Tigre. Amy with Molas and their makers










Main Street El Tigre










Most every house had a solar panel for their 12 volt needs










Looking toward shore from our El Tigre anchorage










Sabudupored, our next anchorage. Several wonderful days here by ourselves behind the sandbar.










Leaving Sabudupored for Coco Bandero Cays. Our first clear sky view of the mainland in almost a week.











Passing Green Island. Many more cruisers as we head into the most popular sections of the San Blas.











Coco Bandero Cays. Very pretty spot. This 4 mile long reef provides protection for these small offshore islands.











Always terribly sobering when you see a boat washed up on a reef. You can only imagine the events leading to the tragedy.











Our anchorage at Coco Bandero looking out toward the reef.











As always, a Kuna working the shallows.










Coco Bandero was beautiful, but also the first anchorage where we had any significant company.










We dinghied over to a nearby island for some beachcoming










View back to our Coco Bandero anchorage










Beachcombing success










After almost a  month our "fresh vegetables" were coming from cans










The scenery from our cockpit each night made up for the lack of veggies










Another reef anchorage in the Central Hollandes and another tragedy











......And another at Chichame










Chichame also had a recent sailboat grounding.











Chichame was our last San Blas anchorage so Amy was very careful getting through the reef




















Last view like this till we get to the Las Perlas Islands on the Pacific side of the canal in 3-4 weeks











Shango reaching down the coast toward Portobello










Mile after mile of empty shores










Reminded us of the north shore of the Dominican Republic










Portobello. All the South American gold and silver left here for Spain.










Second level of the protecting fort.










Morgan was already here










Off to nearest ATM for hour bus ride from Portobello.











Busy spot











Back in Portobello with cash in time for soccer game and pre game prayer.












This fellow scored the winning goal






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