Pacific Crossing 2010-11

February Pictures






Wing and Wing from Portobello to Colon and the Canal.











The breakwater leading to the Canal staging area











This guy and many others were coming and going through the same entrance











Here's Amy's AIS view.......all the green triangles are Big ships like the one above. We're the red icon.











Amy  let him enter first










Shelter Bay Marina. Boats from all over the world. Many like us were doing all the logistics to get approvals to
go through the canal to the Pacific











We passed our inspections, paid our money, and got our ticket. Now waiting for a date.











For Jim, Hilda, and Gabriela











All kinds of boats










in all kinds of price ranges











doing different kinds of things










With different qualities of fit and finish










Budgets big











and small











Shango successfully negotiated her transit date for Feb 9 and we then dove into our project list










Amy's first completed project, recovering the sunbrella cushions
with Naugahyde for salty passages











We met Reality from San Francisco last winter in Grenada. They are also heading across the
Pacific and putting on a fresh coat of bottom paint. 










It's February 9th and we're headed for our date with the Canal











Up we go, rafted with Elbe











Elbe's forward line handlers in the first Gatun Lock











One down five to go











Elbe's aft crew










Rudolfo and Homero, our forward line handlers










Canal sights































Fernando, our aft line handler.











Goodbye Atlantic












Day one ends in Gatun Lake











Elbe begins day two with Shango not far behind










Rudolfo takes the helm











Large company










Hamming it up










Take cover!










Welcome to the Pacific











Panama City










Ivan, our Transit Adviser getting ready to depart. Over 1000 transits.











The Crew celebrates











Done in time for sunset










Our anchorage and the Panama City skyline










Quicksilver departs for Las Perlas and beyond










Time to provision. Our wonderful taxi driver/guide, Juan,  took us to the huge veggie/fruit market, Habistos











Amy was in her element










Making sure she got everything on her list










My beer provisioning was easier. 5 months X 2 beers a day = 14 cases
$10 per case made it even easier










Juan took us sightseeing one day as well. Balboa Yacht Club and the Pacific entrance to the canal










The camera is plumb the new bank building is not










The unusual topped building is Donald Trump's










The old city. Very much like Cartagena










Many historic churches










Grand old residential architecture










Ultra modern Frank Gehry museum










We came to really enjoy Panama and its friendly people










and its wide variety of things boating










Provisioning complete. We sailed to the Las Perlas islands for some R&R before heading for
the Galapagos.










We had a beautiful anchorage with no boats or houses visible in any direction.










18 foot tides reminded us of Maine in the tropics. An episode of  The Survivor series was filmed here.










Beautiful empty beaches










Amy beachcombed










and I worked on other important issues











Everyday a little more planning










Las Perlas was so rich with birds and fish










Probably a bit like the Galapagos to come










Heading south in the Las Perlas we caught up with Pyewacket at Espiritu Santo












A tri using the tide to clean his bottom







March Pictures

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