Pacific Crossing 2010-11

March Pictures








Pre Galapagos departure with Noel and Jackie from Pyewacket.















Last sight of land leaving Las Perlas as we begin our passage
























Our view for the next five days














and nights















As usual Champ did all the steering














Then just after midnight on March 6 we reached the equator.















Solemn ceremony for King Neptune














Read by each of us














One for King Neptune














One for Amy














One for Roger














Well, maybe more than one















All smiles the next day on the other side of the Equator















and after 600 miles Pyewacket and Shango meet again!














We sailed the next two days within sight of each other











Our first sight of San Cristobal

900 miles of perfect sailing.
Almost continuous winds of 15-25 knots.
Broad reaching or downwind. 
Favorable current
Three 190+ mile days
7.1 knot average speed for passage
No Squalls.

Remarkable luck for first Pacific passage













A spectacular sail down the coast to Wreck Bay.















Extinct Volcanoes















Green plains














Rocky shores














Huge offshore rocks













Shango has never been in prettier waters














Pyewacket also enjoying the beauty

































Wreck Bay. Anchor almost down.
















Our post passage comments about the Champagne choice.














Reality and Shango checking into Immigration with Joseph our agent














Sharon and Amy checking out food options














a mysterious fruit tree














A car growing weeds















Noel picked out the place for our celebration lunch.














It had good taste in baseball jerseys














and we celebrated our passage












On the way back to the boat the sea lions were everywhere











asleep on the sidewalk















and a little more natural on the beach













At night there were hundreds on the main beach










Joseph delivering fuel right to our boat. Life is good, no lugging jerry jugs.










Park Interpretive Center. Very well done history of Galapagos..










Our diving guide Franklin.




















Marine Iguanas










Blue Footed Boobies










Leon Dormido, our snorkel site. Amazing wall dives on two sides of the rock.










The whole crew, Reality and Shango










Sea lion playing in rock cut






Marine growth on the rock wall























Playing with the Sea Lions


























They loved to clown around











Small shark below us










Land Tour











five year old tortoises













a little older....they live to be 150 years old










Curare, Shango, and tortoises












Whale skeleton












The land tour crew. Shango, One World, Curare and Reality.










El Junco, a fresh water lake in an old Volcano crater










The day of the tsunami we spent 10 hours outside the harbor motoring and sailing around. Mala Conducta
is a beautiful cat built at Lyman Morse in Maine (Note the sea lion preventers on the swim platforms.)










The famous Darwin finch











and the Finch's favorite food, Opuntia, cactus flower










Mystery flower










Mohini arriving from Panama











Curare departing for Easter Island










Our last night in the Galapagos with Mohini










Leaving the Galapagos for the Marquesas, 3084 miles and ? days











First four days were very light air, two days of motoring and two days of the Purple Monster










and a few squalls to dodge











big event of the first week was our first ship sighting.....saw 3 during entire passage.










Pizza and beer celebration at half way point











More Spinnaker










Constant attention to chafe prevention and repair










Wing on Wing overnight, previously taboo on Shango, became accepted practice







You Tube Videos of Marquesas Passage


Afternoon Underway








We got pretty good at setting the spinnaker....could get it up or stowed in 15 minutes













except for our first several days, every morning brought the promise of another beautiful day 










Every morning we also had our daily collection of flying fish casualties











Sail changes, reading, eating and sleeping were the main activities











On the morning of our 22nd day Fatu Hiva appeared right where she was supposed to be!







Our first sights of Fatu Hiva as we make our landfall in The Marquesas



























Our anchorage










It was hard to believe that we were actually in the Marquesas as we approached Hanavave's  Bay of Virgins.










Rock formations like we had never seen










Beautiful afternoon colors






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