Circumnavigation  2010---

October Pictures


 Rennell Island, Solomon Islands
















Bashing into 30 knots arriving from Indispensable Reef                                                                                                                                                     William and Esther leading us into their reef enclosed home















































Esther's Pets
































William, Kachina, and RTB after one of their morning fishing trips

















Esther's little touches of beauty















































Kids and Gran Kids


































Grand Dad William













                                    Grand Mom Esther



Daily Cooking Routines
















































Brand new canoe












    Betel Nut and Lime









The bath tub and laundry room






































  A Very Sad Goodbye
















Our first of many visits, over the next 6 weeks, by local residents in their canoes. Joe and his two sons welcomed us to Marau Sound.















Tavanipupu Resort at Marau.
















Up the coast to Honiara















Honiara, Guadacanal































Starboard Stern Line Port Stern Line




Our neighbors















A beer after getting anchored. Not too happy with Honiara "Yacht Club" anchoring.

The worst anchorage arrangement in our entire trip!















Tour of Guadacanal area Battle Sites










































Japanese Memorial Site


















Our guide Nelson














Red Beach at Henderson Field. The site of the first American ground assault of World War II in August 1942. 














Over 1000 Japanese soldiers died at Red Beach  attempting a brutal counter attack after the US Marines had landed and dug in.  

This monument erected by the Japanese recounts the loss of lives.



















Edson's Ridge, aka, Bloody Ridge. From this very spot US marines, heavily outnumbered , successfully beat back waves of Bonzai attacks over a 36 hour period. Several Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded for actions here.

At Red Beach and Edson's Ridge the Japanese still believed that the US marines would flee in the face of their Bonzai attacks. This was not the case.














Between Guadacanal on the left and Savo Island on the right the Japanese and American navies had several major night battles. Hard to imagine battleships and destroyers engaging each other at night in such tight quarters.                            















Mary served us a wonderful lunch after our Gudacanal tour.















Morovo Sound, Western Provinces, Solomon Islands
















Jenny following us into Sarumara anchorage  


Leaving Kokoana Pass at Sarumara for Uepi














Uepi Island Dive Resort






































































































































































































Mbareho, Nono Lagoon, Western Province, Solomon Islands
















 Flowers for us Bon Bons for the girls

Print from Aldio Pito














Aldio Pito, Mbareho's resident artist























We offered a tow to  these guys on the way to Tetapare










Across Vona Vona Lagoon with the Jonglez Family





































Shango at Fatboys with the Jonglez family.















Kennedy Island outside Gizo
















Gizo Market








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