Circumnavigation  2010---

November and December 2012  Pictures







 Clothes shopping in the Solomon Islands











The Jonglez's bungalow







     Leaving Loius behind as we go diving












Japanese WW Two Wreck











Crocodile Fish












































Off to Nuguria, Papua New Guinea





















Water temp 90.1...










Nuguria Scenes

















Roger and the guys on a stroll












































Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
































Nusa Island Retreat










Tuatara and Shango heading west











Passage Contrasts















Shango, red icon, and the daily tracking of Typhoon Bopha, on our way to Palau




















Crossing the equator again to the Northern hemisphere











10 days from Kavieng, PNG....Palau, Micronesia.

The final destination for our second cruising season in the Pacific.







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