October Pictures






      Anapolis Boat Show









 Windaway. Chace Anderson's PS 40










Chace and Josie Anderson









    Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse








    Crab Boat









  Lovely anchorage at base of Potomac with Bald eagle keeping watch










   Miss Amy, the designated water maker for the trip










     Mt. Vernon








  View from our anchorage at the Capital Yacht Club in Washington







  Fish Market nearby our anchorage










   Amy at national Gallery of Art











  Governor Dummer Academy Class of 1967 Reunion in D.C. aboard Shango

  Larry Miller, Amy, Me, Ben Beach, and Lew Rumford









  Sailboat racing on a windy Potomac day









  National Sculpture Gardens










 Edward Hopper Exhibit at the National Gallery










  Milo enjoying the sights of D.C. and a quiet anchorage.








 Mt. Vernon on the way back down the Potomac









  Leaving D.C.









  Don't ask me what the heck this is???




















   Battleship Row in Norfolk










 Morning sunrise on the ICW











 Not so calm Albermarle Sound










   More Albermarle Sound










   Bagpiper at Sunset. Cedar Creek just above Beaufort, N.C.









 Former summer home of Yaquina










   Denaming ceremony for Wilma's Idea










Renaming ceremony for Knot Worried










 Christening Knot Worried










   Denaming Kiva, renaming Shango.....very solemn.










 Christening Shango in 35 knots of Noel's wind.











   Meanwhile in New Hampshire......Niece Zoe on Halloween parading as a shoe....








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