December Pictures






 Cousin Kevin's Windborne











  Our anchorage at Hawksbill North










 The banks side beach at Hawksbill









 Our (Roger's) attempt to cross the island via our own path  was unsuccessful!








Back to the dinghy to try another approach to the sound side










 We found this path sign at the ruins further north on the island
and decided to give it a try.









 At the top of the island we found this abandoned foundation wall and continued down the small path to  the other side to what we hoped would be a continuing path to the sound beach.








 We could see the beach but the path was overgrown and flooded. We were once again foiled in our attempt to get to the beach....









 This time we took our dinghy all the way to the north end of the island until we ran out of water and decided to walk around the end of the island on the flats to get to the beach side.








After a half hour slog through the clay flats we came to the other side but were met by iron shore and no beach!! Not our day...back we went to Shango.









 At least the sunset wasn't too bad.










 The next day we moved down the island to the southern anchorage where the park Ranger had said that there was a path to the sound.








 We packed our usual lunch and we were off again.









 The path went across sand and rock flats and every so often we could look back to see Shango's mast, always comforting that it was still there.










 The footing was very, very  rocky.








 This time the path went right to the water's edge.









 View north










 View south








 Amy found 3 hamburger beans, her best daily find yet.










 Our nightly sunset view from the cockpit









 A cloudy sunrise on Sunday 12/2. The day's agenda is an engine service for me and the making of a dinghy anchor anchor bag for Amy.








 Bag in process.









   He spends hours everyday in our bed starting as soon as it is made in the morning!!









 Warderick Wells headquarters office for the National Land and Sea park where we have been for the past 10 days








 Very shallow and protected anchorage








 All the boats are on moorings in the deep channel








 Shango on mooring 14








Very sad...a 52 foot whale skeleton from dead whale found in 1995 from having swallowed plastic bag and suffocated.








 Shango behind boat's from Nova Scotia and Colorado







 Amazing coincidence....Shango's previous name was Kiva and here is a momento on the Park's Boo Boo Hill driftwood collection from a boat called Kiva. Shango's  momento was done by Amy on a piece of driftwood that she found at Shroud.









 The Sound side of Warderick Wells







  Just before we left the Park for Sandy Cay outside Sampson's Cay








  Our good fortune to cross paths with Eleanor M. from Newburyport










 Skip setting the anchor on Eleanor M. next to us at Sandy Cay









  Underway at dawn for the trip to Georgetown










 Eleanor M heading through our dreaded Dotham Cut (see Log for history) out to the sound for the trip to Gorgetown











  The ever so friendly port side of the cut











 and the starboard side











 Successfully through to the Sound on a peaceful day. What a difference 6 years makes.











 1 of the 4 major anchorages in Georgetown, Monument Beach











Eleanor M finding her spot for the season at Honeymoon Beach.








  The weekly supply boat...listing a bit to starboard










 Eleanor M. and Shango at Honeymoon Beach










  Volleyball Beach and Chat and Chills.....afternoon sports and evening drinks for those inclined.










 One of the hurricane holes








 A brand new 3 masted schooner at Sand Dollar Beach. We met the chef/cook at Chat and Chills during the Pats/Jets game. He came from Pittsburgh and Sherborn, Ma










 The sound side beach at Stocking Island, Georgetown. We tried to walk the beach as often as we could to remind ourselves of the beauty around us despite all the distractions that Georgetown could present.






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