April Pictures





 Amy at work on the logs. 












 Our return to the Pole 108 beach on Long Island












No beans but interesting art













 The world championship diving competition at the world's deepest Blue Hole












The diving platform over the blue hole












Two competitors. Bare chested New Zealander and kneeling Russian













 Papaya as art












The results of our downwind accident...a broken "gooseneck knuckle"  We'll be out of 
the sailing business until a replacement arrives from Forespar via Bushek Air











Back in Georgetown next to our friends Skip and Cherylle on Eleanor M. Boat count only 85
down from nearly 300 several weeks ago. Everyone's heading home.













Christmas in April. Skip and Cherylle had been holding our late arriving XMAS gift(s) from Amy's sister Cath.














One of our gifts, an XMAS tree for the boat.











Milo's gift, a lobster cat nip treat. Did not take long to feel the effects.











Lorraine has arrived and is hard at work on her way to Thompson's Bay, Long Island











Jim also providing much needed navigational help











 The Bushek lures netted two fish off the tip of Long Island....the first, an ever so friendly barracuda,
was released only a little worse for the wear. 










and the second, a Mahi Mahi, was kept and provided a bunch of  wonderful meals on the grille.













Lorraine treated us to her secret sauce for Mahi Mahi












 A wonderful meal was had by all













The next day at Conception we were off for a hike and lunch, but first a little hamming it up by the bean duo. 











Just follow Lorraine and all will be OK












 Some nice coral on our way











 Lunch and a round table discussion on life










 Reunion Tour 2008











 Some things never change......boat projects....our refrigerator shorted out endangering all our food and Mahi Mahi steaks. Having an electrical engineer aboard to troubleshooot and supervise was a great thing.











Milo was not too worried about the refrigerator wiring











Back to Rum Cay...our 3rd visit this year.











Getting sustenance for our Rum Cay exploration












A Rum Cay native getting a laugh from our hijinks












 Off on our trusty vehicle












 Bringing Shango back out to anchor after filling up with Diesel and water at Rum Cay Marina.












Time to get a haircut at long last!!!!!!











Dinner at Kaye's was outstanding










Our last night at Thompson's Bay before heading back to George Town and the Bushek's return flight. A good time had by all.











Back in George Town. Final prep for our trip home. Nick the porpoise came by and circled Shango for at least 30 minutes as he had done in 2002. We take it as a good omen for our trip home. 







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