Welcome to the web site that we use to record our sailing travels.

We have used this site for our past trips to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and our 2010-2015 Circumnavigation. We take pictures, keep logs and post most anything that we find to be of interest. 

Following our Circumnavigation and a couple years away from cruising, we are now taking our first steps to head back out again. We are not exactly sure what the mix of cruising and shoreside living will be, but for the time being we are leaving that question open.

We recently completed a summer cruise to Nova Scotia and following a passage from Norfolk we are now in the Bahamas after a flight
home for Xmas/New Years.
 Bahamas/Caribbean 2017-2018                   Nova Scotia 2017

Our most recent logs from Keelscape can be found  here.







Caribbean 2009-10

Britain Scotland Trip 2008

DR/Bahamas Trip 2007

Bahamas 2001-02