Pacific Crossing 2011-12

October Pictures






The second set of watermaker parts left California on a Tuesday arrived in Samoa Thursday.











Recess in American Samoa










In American Samoa, Western Samoa, and Tonga churches are everywhere










WW II pillboxes still very evident










Our feast at Tisa's










Our hostess











Our host










Our plate maker










The feast cooking. Our first above ground roast.











Helping the barkeeper













Shango off to Western Samoa (aka Samoa). Finally a change from constant downwind sailing












Whales at sunset as we leave American Samoa for Samoa.







Car Tour of Samoa































































 Robert Louis Stevenson's grave outside Apia, Samoa











Our night at the site of the Samoa Survivor filming











Our Fale











Amy and Diana after outfitting our Fale










Our hosts. Happy to have just Shango and Soggy Paws rather than the whole Survivor crew.











Dave and I hamming it up at one of the two Survivor beaches










Our first view of a Tongan island.  Tafahi in this case.











Keeping cool in Niuatoputapu











Kids everywhere love to pose











Shango and Chesapeake











The crew at Sia's for a Pot Luck












Sia, our hostess. The unofficial admiral of the Niuatoputapu Yacht Club.











Graham from Dream Away, Dave and I went off to fix the Priest's diesel powered Kava press  











Despite our lack of success Father Lawrence was still grateful for the effort











Typical house before the 2009 Tsunami










Housing from the Red Cross and other international relief efforts  after the Tsunami











Shango anchored off the village











View of the lagoon and volcano from atop the Niuatoputapu ridge trail











Sherry and Dave scrambling up the ridge











Yours truly taking a breather











Major event on the day we left Niuatoputapu, the weekly supply ship











Goodbye (we thought) to Niuatoputapu and off to our last stop for 2011, Vava'u, Tonga












Chesapeake looking just fine











I was relaxing and enjoying the ride  










Several hours later, responding to VHF call for help by Tongan fishing boat, Lesila











Soggy Paws approached to provide tools to help with transmission repair









Dave made a perfect toss on his first attempt









Repairs were not successful. Shango offered to take two of the crew back to Niuatoputapu









2 crew swimming over to Shango











Climbing up our ladder










Safely aboard










No good deed goes unpunished.......

30 hours later, arriving in Vava'u with no starter 









Dave again practicing his pitching. This time a tow line. Again, perfect shot.










Soggy Paws with Shango under tow entering Neiafu harbor in Vava'u, Tonga. 











Starter replaced and off to explore the Vava'u group










Reminds us of Penobscot Bay in Maine










Anchorages everywhere











Sad parting. Spirare off to New Zealand







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