Circumnavigation  2010---

February thru July 2014 Pictures


South East Asia Land Trips






Yeshi, our guide for the trip


Bhutan Trek


End of the road. 6 horses, horseman, cook, local guide, and Yeshi just for the two of us.


First campsite


Morning Tea




Local guide and Yak herder the wonderful Sonam


Next destination


13780 feet


Last campsite


Sad Goodbye to Sonam


Prayer Flag Raising


Ceremonial wine


The world's largest bronze Buddha in Bhutan's capital Timphu


The famous Tiger's Nest Monastery and Temple


Delhi, India


The Red Fort


The Imperial Hotel


National Gallery of Modern Art


National Crafts Museum


Our Guest House


Taj Mahal Visit


Man, Monkey, Tuk Tuk


Shoes covers required


116 Degrees Farenheit


Sikh Temple Delhi


Dau, our tour guide to the Taj Mahal and his Sikh temple in Delhi

Raja Ampat Dive Trip
Our bungalow at Papua Paradise   The dive dock
Keeping in touch at the office   Local village
Miss Amy


Our dive guides, Marie and Sylvan. They were great.     

The Protestors


View from our room

Street Food Everywhere


One of our favorite restaurants, Som Hom.


Amy's Aunt Malee


Chaing Mai


Northern Laos



Chinese / Laos Border


Laotian Clothing Makers Interested in a Sale


Finished Product




Laos = Busses


My seat mate was tired


Luang Prabang, Laos


Mekong River


Our Room


Hanoi, Viet Nam


Just like Bangkok, great street food every where


Danang, Viet Nam


First landing spot for US Marines in Viet Nam

    Bamboo Boat Builder

Our Danang Area Military History Tour Guides


Our tour bus


Hai Van Pass


Hoi An,Viet Nam


Chef in Training


Serious Student


Temples of Angkor, Cambodia



Back to Bangkok


The Reclining Buddha


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