2009-2010 Caribbean / Bahamas Trip


April Pictures





Jim and Lorraine arrived in Luperon for their three week sail with us back to Georgetown. The first day was provisioning day and it rained for the first time in weeks.














Nino drove us to Peurto Plata for our shopping.













The rain didn't stop Amy















Here's our veggie and fruit haul. All bleached clean by Lorraine














We did an overnight to Lantern Head, Great Inagua. Lorraine getting used to sunshine after a rainy Oregon spring. 













Cocktail Hour started early













Glad to be back in the Bahamas













Many hands make light work













A brand new hospital in Matthewtown, Great Inagua. Slowly decays  before it opens.













Our source of home made bread. Douglas and his wife.












Two sunken drug boats in the Government docking basin












A first. We got hung up on coral and after free diving in twenty feet I just could not get the anchor free. We engaged these two local guys to help us. They had us off in ten minutes. Guess what we're going to purchase for our next trip....














We broke a battcar and had to sail with a second reef all the way to Georgetown Since we always had more than twenty knots it wasn't an issue.













Morton Salt has a big operation on Great Inagua














One of our favorite Bahamian islands, Little Inagua. It is the largest uninhabited island in the Caribbean













Gin and Tonics at Little Inagua.













Love those sunsets













The great beaning beach on Little Inagua













This crab almost looked like a plastic toy













Lunch brake from our beachcombing













Our sail to Rum Cay was blustery but all down wind. Yours truly wrestling with the topping lift for the whisker pole.













The next day we had another great run to Long Island














We did have a brief squall appear behind us













Fortunately the squall never became an issue













Jim's a little camera shy














But Lorraine isn't













The next day a fisherman came wanting to trade conch for gas. We gave him some gas and he gave us his two baby lobsters, we'd had our fill of conch.... 













Lorraine says hi to our appetizers












We had a rip roaring reach to Thompson'e Bay the next day. 25-30 knots in 8 feet of water is quite exhilerating













Amy's never ending efforts to keep Shango well supplied














The Admiralty Well in Thompson's Bay. A spot that has fond memories for both couples over the years














Our last night with the Busheks at Peace and Plenty in Georgetown













A good time had by all.













After the Busheks left, the Family Island Regatta began. Three classes of over canvassed working boats with hiking boards  













On the first day of the Regatta, Thunderbird came a little close to us as they made their way to the line.












Here's another close up of a boat and crew heading to the line.













Each boat anchors at the line in a spot determined by draw.













At the start, each boat pulls up their anchor and raises their sails and the race is on.













The start is always a pretty site.













At each mark, the boats were cheered on by spectators.













Our favorite was Running Tide from Long Island. We met the helmsman's Dad in Long Island and he also helped deliver a tardy Fedex package to us in Georgetown.












Shango at anchor in Georgetown with a far better dressed neighbor.













Race day three gets underway, finally, the boats  have a little more wind .













Around the windward mark and roaring for home.








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